Added Benefits Of A Pool Safety Fence

Of course the major benefit of swimming pool safety fences is that they have been a major factor in reducing the number of child drownings in backyard pools across the US. However once you have a safety fence installed, you will realize there are many additional benefits that you have not previously thought of.

As well as keeping young children out of the pool, a safety fence also helps to keep the pool area much cleaner. You will probably find you will vacuum your pool less after installing a safety fence, and you will certainly not have to drain the water with a net so often, as leaves and other litter or debris will not be as likely to blow into the water.

If you have pets, they will not be able to fall into the water either; and even if you allow your pets to swim in the pool it is still convenient to be able to lock them out at times. A garden pool can be a magnet for wild animals that are looking for a drink. Installing a fence will keep the majority of them away.

If you host a party your house and alcohol is involved, a pool fence can stop anyone who has had one too many from accidentally falling into the water.

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