Safety Fences For Swimming Pools

Parents and caregivers certainly want to do everything they can to protect the children in their lives and yet not all swimming pools are enclosed with a safety fence that can prevent a child from drowning and keep them safe around the water. Drowning is the number one cause of accidental death of children under the age of five and is completely preventable. There are also numerous cases of near drownings each year. A properly installed pool safety fence makes the family swimming pool safer and is a necessity for all homes with a swimming pool.

A properly installed pool safety fence creates a barrier between children and the swimming pool. The safety fence completely encircles the pool allowing no access by a child to the pool unless an adult allows them access by unsecuring a portion of the gate when there is going to be constant adult supervision.

An added option for the pool safety fence is a self latching pool gate. This gate has a handle that is on the inside of the pool safety fence and is out of the reach of children. An adult can lift the handle to allow access to the pool and the pool gate automatically closes when released. This option ensures that there is never an open area to the pool where a child could slip in unnoticed.

While drowning is completely preventable it continues to occur along with near drownings. While there is no substitute for constant adult supervision around a swimming pool, safety fences for swimming pools are certainly an effective aid in helping to prevent drownings in the family swimming pool and a self-latching pool gate adds another layer of protection for never allowing there to be an area of the pool that is unsecure.

Install High Quality Baby Gates To Secure Your Pool

Living in the Phoenix Metropolitan area we are fortunate to experience warm weather a large part of the year allowing us to use our swimming pool for the better part of the year. Children here spend a great deal of time in and around water and can easily become very comfortable swimming and being in the water at a young age. Swimming pools, however, present a great hazard to children if access to them is not restricted to when there is constant, direct adult supervision. Installing a baby gate around your swimming pool prevents children from entering the swimming pool when you do not want them in there and greatly reduces the risk of an accidental drowning occurring. Sure Guard installs high-quality baby fences in the Phoenix area using only the highest trained installers. Call us today for a free estimate on a custom baby gate for your swimming pool.

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