Pool Safety Fence

Install Your Pool Safety Fence When Your Pool Is Installed

Whether you are building a new home or adding a swimming pool to your home, adding a pool safety fence at the time of the installation of your pool is a wise decision. A pool safety fence creates a physical barrier between your pool and children.

Having a pool safety fence installed with a new pool allows for your swimming pool to be safe from the beginning. By installing the pool safety fence at the same time as your pool everything is getting done at the same time.

You can choose the colors for your pool, deck, and safety fence to all coordinate allowing for a seamless look. Your pool will meet any barrier codes when a pool fence is installed at the same time as the pool ensuring that inspections are passed. As a homeowner, you will know that you have installed a safe pool and are protecting your children from possible danger.

At Sure Guard Pool Fence of Phoenix, we work with local pool builders and will ensure that your pool safety fence is installed at the proper time during the completion of your pool thus eliminating any headache on the homeowners part. Installing a pool safety fence at the same time as your pool really provides for a smooth process and allows you to enjoy your pool from the moment it is complete knowing that it is safe for your family.

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