Why A Pool Fence Is Better Than A Pool Alarm

A pool alarm sounds when there is a disturbance in the pool water alerting the homeowner. Pool alarms are designed not to sound from wind only when there is a true disturbance. Different alarms have different ways that can be bypassed for swimming with some of them requiring a passcode, a key, or removal from the swimming pool.

A pool safety fence actually creates a physical barrier to the swimming pool preventing access to the pool by anyone who is not able to either reach and open the self closing gate or unlock and remove a portion of the fence. Pool fencing is constructed out of a durable mesh that cannot be climbed by children and is too high for children to gain access over the top of it.

While a pool alarm can provide a certain layer of protection to your swimming pool, it is does not create an actual barrier to the pool. A child can easily enter the swimming pool without a parent knowing and will then have to react when the alarm sounds. If a parent is distracted doing something else they may not make it to the pool before the child is submerged. A pool safety fence prevents a child from gaining access to the swimming pool without an adult letting them in. There is no substitute for constant adult supervision around a swimming pool, however, pool fences certainly provide a greater level of protection than pool alarms.

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